Individualized education & mentorship designed for teachers & students, alike

Tap dance in the comfort of your own space 

at your own pace anywhere in the world. 

What You Get...

  • A personal, one-on-one mentorship with Anthony & Staci which includes up to 2 live meetings per month & an open line of communication (ie video chat, phone call) 
  • Access to our private group featuring rudiments, steps, combos & more
  • Feedback & guidance designed to work toward YOUR own individual goals (whether personal or for your students)
  • Discounts to all official Company events.
  • Introductions to any of our contacts in the industry, written referral letters (ie schools, jobs)
  • Private adjudication or review of any dance pieces, competition or otherwise, prior to and after the performance (if you are a student this is per your teacher/choreographer approval). 

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